You are required to provide a written answer to each question.  Your answer should be a minimum of one paragraph and clearly answer the question.

Please send your completed Assessment to with your name printed clearly on the top of each page.

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to manage programs within a health and wellbeing focus. The unit addresses the management of the range of programs that would typically be associated with health and wellbeing such as stress management, smoking cessation, exercise, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).

The unit is assessed by presentation and quality of information presented in the two assessments.

1.    Briefly explain  the definition of:
•    Wellness
•    Presenteeism
•    Work-life balance
•    Flexitime

2.    Describe the concepts of “employee welfare and wellness” and why they are becoming increasingly important in 21st Century workplaces particularly in terms for the business objectives

3.    What are the six signs of drug abuse?

4.    List at least five of the strategies for reducing absenteeism in the workplace. Briefly describe why you think these may help in reducing absenteeism.

A Google search using the words “Minimising absenteeism” will assist you to identify these strategies.

5.    Research the impact ‘depression’ has on employees and identify four possible causes.
Visit ( to assist you.

6.    Employee stress has a high impact on workplace productivity.  Research and list 3 possible causes of stress in the workplace.

Visit ( or Google search) to assist you.

7.    Health Insurance organisations are taking steps to address the high cost of absenteeism and illness in Society.

Identify one Health Insurance company that is identifying these issues and give a brief example of what they are doing and hope to achieve through these initiatives.

8.    Various State Governments have promoted their own health and wellbeing programs.  Research two State Governments websites and give a brief description of what they are trying to actively promote and why.

9.    Explain how EAP contribute to a ‘safety culture”? include in this explanation the necessity to have a well thought through plan which involves consultation and communication with others, the necessity for a implementation process which identifies timelines and milestones to enable monitoring or progress and evaluation methods

10.    Complete the attached table identifying the impact of various health factors on workplace performance

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