Lowes financial Report

Lowes financial Report
Each student will select a public company and obtain their complete set of financial statements, including footnotes, for the most recent year-end. The company selected should preferably be a merchandising operation such as Target, Lowes, Staples, Wal-Mart, Johnson & Johnson, etc. Sources of this information are available from the company’s website or in their annual report and Hoover’s online www.hoovers.com available through GMC’s website. The path is: library, research databases, Hoover’s.
Each individual will prepare and submit a written report in APA format answering the following questions. Paper to be no less than 7 pages including the cover and reference pages.
1. Brief description of the company. Who are they and what do they do? This is usually the first page in the financial statements.
2. From Chapter 1 – For the past five years, list the amounts reported for revenue and total net income. Present your thoughts on whether the company you selected is growing, rate of growth two most recent years, list the amounts reported for revenue and total net income. Is the company growing?
3. From Chapter 3 – Does the company use the cash or accrual basis of accounting? Explain how you determined this. How many contra accounts are listed and what do they pertain to?
4. From Chapter 4 – What format is the balance sheet presented in? How can you tell? For the most current two years, calculate the current ratio and debt ratio (show calculations). Do these values look strong or weak compared to the industry?
5. From Chapter 8 – For the most recent year, how much do customers owe? How much does the company expect not to collect?
6. From Chapter 9 – Identify the depreciation method used by the company. From the statements, determine the Gross Value of the Property Plant and Equipment and the amount of the Accumulated Depreciation.
7. From Chapter 10 – Identify any Contingent Liabilities if applicable. What is the liability? How did they incur them?
A copy of the selected company’s statements must be included with the written report.


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