low crime rates in Japan

low crime rates in Japan

1)    Overall what are the reasons for low crime rates in Japan? Identify at least 8 reasons and explain fully. While the United States has higher crime rates, in recent years the U.S. rates have become lower. Why have our rates become lower (still staying higher than Japan’s) and what are the reasons for this phenomena compared to the Japanese situations?

2)    What are some of the key features in Japanese correctional system according to Parker’s book. Include a description of the probation system in your answer.

3)    Both in class and in the Parker text (chapter3) on the role of Japanese police along with (chapter 4) Investigation of Crime, Prosecution, and the Courts and with videos a picture has emerged. First, how do the police operate and what is the Koban system of policing? How much training do police receives? Is the overall way in which police operate that different than in the U.S. and if so how? What is the role of prosecutors in Japan and do they operate differently than in the U.S.? How?

4)    In chapter 6 on social problem in Japan, Parker discusses various issues such as alcoholism, joblessness, homelessness, drug abuse, mental illness, and suicide. Take each of these issues and indicate specifically how they directly relate to crime or not at all. Finally, comment on each issues as to how these problems in Japan are similarity linked to crime in the U.S.

5)    Adelstein’s book, TOKYO VICE, provides a penetrating account of an American police reporter in Japan. Identify some of the obstacles he encountered as a foreigner (gaijin) in working in Japan. Describe at least five problems and explain why they made it difficult for him to do this job in Japan.  Be specific.

The answers are in the textbooks below. The answers must be true and cover the right answers and not just a summary or an opinion. Please answer the question as it says. Try to make the answer as short as you can and of course. Each answer must not exceed 300 words, that limit is for each question.

Text 1: Parker, L Craig
Crime and justice in japan and china a comparative study, Carolina academic press, 2013.

Text 2: Adelstein, Jake
TOKYO VICE an American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan, pantheon Books, 2009

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