Loping Professionally- reflective journal

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For this assessment item, you are required to submit your first three weeks of reflections (up to 1,000 words), and a draft learning plan. More information on reflective writing and learning plans can be found under Unit Content.
You are required to keep a reflective journal in which you honestly record your learning from the various tasks you are undertaking throughout this unit. During the unit you will participate in a number of different experiences and complete some assigned tasks. These are all designed to equip you with knowledge and skills that will assist you in your future career. By asking you to put some of what you learning into written form, this reflective writing will enable you to start developing your own strategies for your personal professional learning and development.

You are urged to read the assessment criteria for the reflective journal and refer to the criteria regularly as the course proceeds. It is important for you to understand that the reflection and the writing tasks are best completed shortly after the event – if you leave your reflection until well after the event you will forget key factors and this will be obvious in what you write.

The emphasis in the journal is upon how you manage to talk about what you believe you are learning in a personal way and to notice any changes that occur over the study period. Further information about the style of reflective writing will be presented under Unit Content.

The first submission of the journal will provide the opportunity to receive non-assessable feedback. This will provide the opportunity for the journal to continue to be developed as the semester continues.

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