Logical Writing

Write and analyze an extended argument using valid deductive argument patterns. Extended arguments
are introduced in Unit 1.iii and discussed and demonstrated in more detail in the Logical Writing appendix.
At the end of the appendix there is a complete sample assignment. Your main and sub-arguments may be
any patterns, or variations of patterns, from Units 2-3 or the Appendix.
Present the argument as a paragraph (or two) with a complete reconstruction and logical analysis.
• Paragraph includes a couple sentences of extra information to make it a readable, natural sounding
text (the sort of thing you might write in “real life” for an essay, report, announcement, etc).
• Logical Analysis
o Reconstruction shows the main and sub-arguments in standard form with statement numbers
from the paragraph (and implicit statement if you have one).
o Argument patterns show the logical structure of each statement in each argument. This
includes a separate section listing categories and individual for a Category Logic argument (Unit
2), or simple statements, operators, and conditionals for a Statement Logic argument (Unit 3).
This assignment is about analytic (and creative!) thinking and writing skills, not research. The topic may be
anything, and your statements may be true or false or completely made up, with one exception: one
statement must be supported or quoted from something (e.g. news story) published since 2020 Aug 1

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