Locating information on a hardware or software IDS

Using the Internet and other appropriate references, locate information on a hardware or software IDS and/or IPS product or appliance that has not previously been discussed. (Here’s a site to get you started: http://sectools.org/ids.html.) It may be a software program, a security appliance, or a router that has the ability to do intrusion detection. You should pick and discuss IDPS products, NOT firewalls. (Make sure you know the difference.) Describe your IDS/IPS and its capabilities and explain how it could be used in a secure network to provide protection. Include how well the IDS/IPS could work in a typical business environment. Include information on its functionality and limitations based on what you learned in the reading. Please don’t give only marketing fluff, but substantive information about the product, service, appliance, or software.

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