Local History Museum and Tourist Office, Kepsey, New South Wales by Glenn Murcutt

Local History Museum and Tourist Office, Kepsey, New South Wales by Glenn Murcutt

Project description
Organize your analysis in the following manner:
Use an 8.5 by 11 format, typed and bound on the left edge.
Organize the content into the following order (using the title of each Frame of
Reference in Synthesis 9 as a way of categorizing your analysis):
o Introduction: give a brief biography of the architect; situate the building
historically and culturally.
o Supporting activities and Purposes: what is the purpose of the building; were
there any special requirements that influenced the organization of the building;
does the building go beyond initial accommodation of purpose to suggest other
o Responding to Context: choose the three principles that had the strongest
influence on the design and explain why.
o Establishing Longevity: discuss the building with regards to the following
Spatial Dualities
The in-between Domain
Support for Interaction and Retreat
Achieving Clarity and Wholeness: identify the unifying strategy(ies) that help
to organize the building and explain how it does so.
15 Principles of Wholeness: From The Nature of Order, identify five principles
(out of the 15 elaborated on pages 145-234) that the room exemplifies and
describe how the principles deepen our experience of the room.
Bibliography and Footnotes
Be specific and illustrative in your analysis. Floor plans, building sections, site plans, context photos,
exterior and interior photographs, building elevation drawings, process drawings and in-progress
construction pictures are all important. Integrate this visual information throughout the text as
illustrations and evidence of your analysis. The more visual information you provide the easier it will
be to understand your analysis. BE SURE TO CITE ALL SOURCES (quotes, content, and images).
Also, diagrams, sketches, detailed photographs, quotes from the architect or from knowledgeable
users are important. The writing should be clear, specific, and evocative. Refer to The Elements of
Style by Strunk and White for guidance on good writing.
Added on 02.12.2014 03:50
I attached a file about principles that need to be included in the essay.
These essay should include some images(exterior, plan, etc.) about this building and use these images to illustrate your statement.


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