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Argue that the League of Nations ultimately failed due to its lack of membership from the major world powers, its lack of unity in purpose, its lack of organization, and its lack of commitment to cause. Discuss each of these weaknesses and well as the damage each inflicted on the believability and support of the coalition.

Appendix A:  Logic Model

Program:   Delta Stroke Prevention

Outcomes — Impact
Intervention Activities    Participation        Immediate    Intermediate    Long Range
Health educators


Fitness instructors


Community members, including stroke survivors

Representatives from local hospitals

Program funding


Consent forms


Monetary incentives

Facility space

Childcare        Educate participants about benefits of physical activity and eating healthy
take medical history and physical exam 2 times a month

Conduct group discussion sessions on perceived barriers to weekly exercise

Conduct exercise classes

Conduct nutritional counseling sessions

Conduct panel of stroke survivors

instruct participants about using pedometers and completing food logs and monitor logs.

Distribute information on resources in event of stroke

Conduct follow-up interviews to assess participant progress      100 participants will attend weekly workshop for 90 minutes

100 participants will be given pedometers
and monitor logs

100 participants will receive free bus passes

100 participants will be interviewed after program intervention every month for 3 months, every 3 months for 6 months, then every 6 months for 24months

100 participants will keep track of their diet and physical activity with the help of monitor log
Increase understanding of consequences of stroke among participants

Increase awareness of modifiable risk factors of stroke among participants

Increase perceived benefits towards physical activity and healthy nutrition
Increase recognition of  early signs of stroke

Increase adherence to a regular schedule of exercise and diet

Reduction of incidence of ischemic stroke by 10% in African American women aged 35-50 residing in northwest Mississippi

Table 1. Logic Model for Delta Stroke Prevention Program

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