LNG Project Close-out

LNG Project Close-out

The following is a group of activities commonly seen at the project close-out phase of large LNG projects.

Verify Scope    Closeout Contracts    Human Capital    Post Action Review & QA/QC    Project History File    Final Project report
•       Review all test data against the approved specification.
•       Identify & resolve any discrepancies.
•       Verify all deliverables are available.
•       Validate all supporting documents.
•       Organise process assets – product validation and acceptance criteria, final project audits, and project evaluations    •       Ensure that all open issues are

resolved with the contractors.
•       Conduct an audit of completed scope.
•       Confirm all contract KPIs are achieved.
•       Process final payment and release of retention.    •       Redeployment of personnel into Operations or other projects.
•       Review local labour laws to make sure your HR close-out plan complies.
•       Performance exit interviews and report to senior management
•       Relocation of expatriate by the end date of project    •       Determine and execute outstanding incomplete, defective, deferred and warranty work. Link

outstanding works to contractor’s progress claim.
•       Hold the lessons learned.
•       Lessons learned database – knowledge database so that future projects can benefit from it.    •       Document planned & actual schedule duration and include

data on past similar completed projects.
•       Document planned & actual labour costs and include past data.
•       Document all approved changes to PM plan.
•       Document project reviews.
•       Document contractor performance records.
•       Document all problems, non-conformance and QA.
•       Document all meetings minutes.    •       Describe the overall success of the project.
•       Describe organization on the project.
•       Describe recommended changes for other similar projects.
•       Capture project team recommendations
•       Describe project strengths & weaknesses.
•       Describe techniques used to get results.

Selecting the following projects: QCLNG, GLNG, APLNG, Icthys. I require a report showing the following:

1.       Determine and justify the optimal time to commence the project close out phase.
2.       Quantify the time required to complete each task and the quantity of resources required
3.       Illustrate findings in a Gantt or Waterfall Chart
4.       Determine and justify the high volume and repeatable tasks that can be executed offsite at a lower cost
5.       Develop a heat maps/chart indicating the volume and repeatable tasks.

The progress status of each project will be different so I suggest you determine the optimal time to commence project close-out and compare/overlay it against the

status of projects mentioned above.
Equally the quantity of work required to each task will vary from one project to another. You will need to determine what mechanism is required to determine the

quantity – perhaps it could be broken down by capital build cost (range).

This does not need to be written like an academic report, the information must be presented in a direct format and supported from reliable sources. There is no

specific word count required.


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