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Using the question you selected in your Week 2 Project (Part 1 of the Course Project), locate 5 or more full-text research articles that are relevant to your PICOT question. Include at least 1 systematic review and 1 integrative review if possible. Use the search tools and techniques mentioned in your readings this week to enhance the comprehensiveness and objectivity of your review. You may gather these articles from any appropriate source,
•Read through the articles carefully. Eliminate studies that are not appropriate and add others to your list as needed. Although you may include more, you are expected to include a minimum of five articles. Complete a literature review summary table using the Literature Review Summary Table Template located in this week’s Learning Resources.

To complete:

Write a 3- to 4-page literature review that includes the following:
•A synthesis of what the studies reveal about the current state of knowledge on the question that you developed ?Point out inconsistencies and contradictions in the literature and offer possible explanations for inconsistencies.

•Preliminary conclusions on whether the evidence provides strong support for a change in practice or whether further research is needed to adequately address your inquiry
•Your literature review summary table with all references formatted in correct APA style

I am attaching Literature Review Summary Table Template

My PICOT QUESTION IS In patients with a central venous catheter (P), what is the effect of using CVC bundles (I) compared to standard interventions (C) on the CLABSI rates (O)?

just review 5 articles separately according to question and a summary ,no introduction page but I need summary one paragraph for each articles

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