Literature review

Literature review

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First, I needed to identify an area of research focus for your planned “virtual” (you won’t be carrying out the research yourself) Action Learning Project and have this confirmed individually with your tutor

How effective is integrating independent reading from the ‘class library’ as part of a 15 minute daily literacy rotation in developing fluency and intonation in students who are reading below the national level in grade 1, as measured by using a multidimensional fluency scale and informal observation over a 10 week period?

Second, complete the literature search related to the focus area you have chosen. You will be helped through some of these techniques through online tutorials on Curtin Library Research Engines. Review the resources discovered and select between 12-15 sources that are most pertinent or relevant to your area of focus. Before you begin to read a book, article, report, online material …… make sure you have written down the full details for your List of References. Take notes as you read the literature. You are reading to find out how each piece of writing approaches the subject of your research, what it has to say about it and how each piece contributes to “ informing” you how you, as a teacher-researcher, might go about researching your topic.

Finally, write a review of these sources – this is the Literature Review. Like all academic writing, a literature review must have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction should include:

the nature of the focus area under review
the basis for your selection of the literature sources
The body paragraphs could include relevant paragraphs on:

definitions you found useful
current key research studies
principal questions that are being asked by previous researchers
some current findings about your focus area
research methodologies and data collection methods that have been used by other researchers
The conclusion should include:

a summary of major agreements and disagreements about the focus area.
a summary of general conclusions that are being drawn
Your work should be approximately (but no more than) 2500 words. Cover Page and the List of References are not included
in the word count.

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