Literature and stories are like eels in a barrel

Choose one example or illustration from each of the Foster chapters 10-12 (3 total examples/ illustrations). Explain the main point an d discuss the illustration that Foster uses in the chapter.
EXAMPLE: In chapter 4 Foster claims that literature and stories are like eels in a barrel. His point is that all
stories are related, one big story, and that when a new story is written, the new story is like a new eel tossed
into the squirming barrel of eels. The new story interacts with the other stories like the new eel interacts with
the other eels. The new story twists itself around the other eels in unexpected but creative new ways. As we
look at the eels, we see individual eels, but we also see the other eels at the same time. In the same way,
when we read stories, we never see that story alone. We see that story interacting with other stories.

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