"literary journalism".

“literary journalism”.

This is a journal essay of course “literary journalism”.

Every week of the course, students are required to find one or two pieces (texts,
documentary films, TV programs, radio shows, etc) which they believe to be examples of literary journalism or that exhibit traits or techniques used by literary journalists. Students note each piece in a journal, including reference details, and stating in about 50 words why they believe the piece is an example of literary journalism or exhibits literary journalistic traits/techniques. You do not need to be ‘right’ all the time — you can be wrong or unsure in your choices and re-visit your reasoning later in the course, correcting yourself or noting the difficulties encountered. You will be expected to report to the class on progress with this activity.

The point of this exercise is to immerse students in the many examples of literary journalism that exist in the actual media as early as possible in the course; to encourage them to actively search for examples of literary journalism outside the Reader; and to allow them to try out their pre-conceived ideas and theories while they work through the course.

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