Literary criticism/critical theory

Historical context: How does the work reflect the time
and place in which it was written? and 4. Literary criticism/critical theory: Talk about a
critical term concept that is relevant to understanding a work.
Information presentations help us—you and your classmates—better understand and analyze readings. Keep
in mind that you want to present only information that is necessary and important. For example, you will not be
presenting a long biography of the writer; rather, you will want to provide only the necessary biographic details
that you think connect to and illuminate the text.
You will create a 2-5 minute video presentation which you will post on the discussion forum for this assignment.
You will also provide a one-page handout for your classmates that includes works cited information (2-3
references). These citations make available potential sources for your classmates to consult for their final
Keep in mind that these presentations are not a summary or an in-depth literary analysis of the text–though
your presentation will provide a spring board to this.
Information Presentation Topics

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