Linear Programming Project

Linear Programming Project

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Read ch7, ch8 pages 309-361 and ch9 pages 363-423 on this website –>,+Finance,+and+Operations+Management&source=bl&ots=6NLDBzIaQJ&sig=ESVGEviaX6K66ZLNn5RZk3PpTgw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAmoVChMI_Nyj_ufpxgIVzKOUCh2GHgzH#v=onepage&q=Chapter%209%3A%20Linear%20programming%3A%20Applications%20in%20Marketing%2C%20Finance%2C%20and%20Operations%20Management&f=false

AND THEN follow the project instructions under the word document named Tea Making Project Summer Instructions. Please also read the word document named Project 2 Rubrics and make sure all the requirements are met. There are three parts to this project and each part has its own questions within. I have highlighted the important parts inside the word document so please read carefully and answer them. Also include excel files spreadsheet with each part of the project and explanation along with it.

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