Licensing/Certification and Organizing Centre Structure


PLEASE TAKE NOTE THE CORRECT SPACING IS DOUBLE HOWEVER WE CANNOT CHANGE THE DETAIL ON THE ORDER This assignment is reflective in nature. For this assignment, you will need to use your survey results to let you know what is needed in regards to center design. I realize that as you go through these questions and thoughts, you may feel like you have answered these questions already – some of you have in regards to stating some pieces. This activity is intended to help you build on the main decision you have already chosen. You will be sharing a few different pieces of information; Are you creating a new program/center OR Are you making program/center changes Now, begin thinking about and share what your program / program changes will look like. The following questions are a start, but there may be more that you are already aware you will need to consider. Will there be changes to the amounts of children? More or less? Will there be changes to the amount of staff More or less? What are the factors that will affect the child and staff changes? Are you going to need structural changes – or a building change? Will there be new equipment needed to fulfill the plan? This is when it will be welcome to include any additional thoughts and wonderings. Next, you will need to identify your program/ center organization. Consider the 4 main structures of early childhood programs and decide on the structure of your. This may be the structure of the program you are developing, OR the structure of the previously established program you are working with in your plan. Discuss your understanding of the structure. Additional Note: If you want to explore an idea of structure, remember this project is a plan. So, really you can explore any issues that you are interested in learning more about. Some of you are going to work on a valid plan that you can implement – the implementation is not part of the assignment requirements. It seems like we have had a slow start to the semester, but it is important to have these foundational decisions made, and they should not be made quickly, but with information so that you have an educated final decision. The next unit will begin moving faster and will start going right into financial matters that will directly follow-though with these questions and more. Note to writer: I will be uploading the survey in 24 hours. Here are the additional reading materials: I will be messaging you the survey bit of the assignment as soon as I get it.

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