Liabilities Simulation

The Simulation consists of ten (10) Excel worksheets with each simulation worth 87.5 points. All questions are algorithmic, randomly selected, and scrambled, which limits the student’s ability to use unapproved tools to seek out the answers.

You will have two (2) attempts to access the Simulation. Attempts after the first produce an automatic 5% penalty on the final score. You are allowed to review the Simulation along with the feedback after the due date and use it as a resource for future activities.

Complete the Simulation assignment for Chapters 9 & 10 in Connect. The Simulation serves as the tool to measure whether you master the learning objectives of the module. The Simulation covers the following chapter topics:

Known Liabilities
Payroll Liabilities
Estimated Liabilities
Contingent Liabilities
Basics of Bonds
Par, Discount, & Premium Bonds
Long-Term Notes Payable

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