Let's Explore the World through Music

Let’s Explore the World through Music

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In this project, you will create an informative website featuring the music of a specific culture that is not covered in Chapter 8 of the course text. (Please note

that the term “world music” in the context of this assignment refers to music that is not based in the Western tradition of music. See below for more information about

choosing a topic.) A link to your completed website will be posted to the WK8 “Let’s Explore the World through Music” Forum.

You will be building your website using www.wix.com, which is free and easy to use. Wix features user-friendly drag and drop technology, so you can easily change or

customize your website. All that is required is to set-up an account using your email address and password. Here is a student guide for creating Wix websites. Wix also

has an excellent Help Center to address any questions you have while creating your website.

Your website featuring a style of world music should include the following:

1. A summary of your chosen culture including a short history.

2. A brief explanation of some beliefs and traditions of the culture.

3. Description of the instruments used in that culture’s music.

4. Explanation of some of the key attributes of the culture’s music.

5. Specific Introduction to one piece of music from the culture. Be sure to include at least one example of the music, such as through linking to YouTube performances.

The above elements can either be included on one page of your website or separated into different pages.

Be sure to include your name on your website. Your website should include photos and video (either linked or embedded). Remember that embedded photos and videos need

to be cited.

Your choice of world music must be a style of music that is Non-Western or not from the Western tradition of music, therefore avoid choosing styles of music from the

U.S., Canada, or Europe, including Jazz or any type of pop music (including hip hop). For example, a band from Europe would not be appropriate for this assignment.

Also, because most students are already familiar with Reggae music, please do not choose Reggae for your topic. If you are not sure if your chosen topic is a style of

world music, then please contact your instructor, who will provide guidance on your topic selection.

Sources must be valid, academic sources (i.e. Please do not use non-academic websites, such as Wikipedia or About.com). Your website should not contain more than 15%

direct quotes and direct quotes must be in quotation marks. Direct quotes and paraphrased material must be cited in the body of the text and in a reference section.


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