Lesson 10 Discussion

Lesson 10 Discussion

Select two of the discussion questions below and respond to each with an answer of 150-300 words. After identifying the text answer, take your discussion a step further by relating text material to the “real world,” if you can. Also, be sure to write your responses in scholarly format—that is, citing the source of your facts/assertions. An unsupported opinion will not receive any points.

Describe the burglary situation in your community. Have burglaries been rising or declining over the last five years?

As a police investigator, it is helpful to understand who the most prevalent suspects are in burglary cases. Who are the suspects in burglary cases, typically? (i.e., druggies? juveniles? professionals?)

How do the following crimes differ: stealing a suitcase from (a) the baggage claim area at the airport, (b) a locked automobile, or (c) your home?

White-collar crime accounts for the highest dollar loss of all other crimes combined, yet it receives the least attention from law enforcement in terms of resources. How do you explain this?

*Use text book attached and use one additional scholarly source.* PLEASE CITE YOUR SOURCES. NO PERSONAL OPINIONS. STRICTLY FACTS.

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