Leisure Activity and Adult Health and Wellbeing



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Explore the relationship between a leisure activity and older adults’ health and wellbeing. You will choose an activity that interests you and write a brief research report on how it can influence older individuals’ health and well-being. write about one of the activities listed below, or choose another activity that interests you. The report will have 4 components as below.


1. Introduction: In the first section of your paper, introduce the activity that you chose to research. This would be a good place to include what the activity is and what it entails, and statistics about its use in the older adult population (if available). Is there a group of adults (e.g., gender, race) who more commonly participate in this activity based on your research? This section will be approximately 1 page depending on what activity you pick.

2. Research on Health Benefits: This component of the paper will provide an overview of the research that has been done on this activity with the older adult population (preferably) and how the activity has been related to health and well-being. You must use at least 3 academic journal articles for this section of the paper in addition to your other resources. (This section of the paper should be approximately 1 page).

3. Constraints and Barriers: Identify either based on research or what you know about the activity what some potential barriers to participation might be for older adults. What are some common factors that might keep older adults from engaging in this activity? (This section should be approximately 1 page long).

4. Legislation: Discuss how current legislation, policies and trends is impacting on (either encouraging or discouraging) older adults to be health and wellbeing. (This section should be approximately 1 page long).

5. Conclusion: In this section, provide some practical recommendations for how we might be able to get more (or less) older adults involved in this activity to enhance their health and well-being. Do you think this activity will become more or less popular (or stay the same) with the upcoming Baby Boomer generation? Why or why not? At the end, make sure to include a conclusion paragraph that ties it all together – completes the thoughts you have been expressing in the last several pages. (This section will be approximately 1 page long).


Choose any of the activities below:

Walking, biking, swimming, aquatics, gardening, reading, watching TV, arts & crafts, painting, woodwork, etc ,playing board games, cards, bingo, socializing, visiting with friends/family, volunteering, civic engagement, community service, religious or spiritual activity, lifelong learning, continuing education, traveling, pet therapy, cultural activities, attending performing arts, museums, theatre, etc, senior games, competitive sports, video games or Wii, Intergenerational programs, tai chi, meditation, yoga, golf, flexibility and stretching exercises, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, strength training, lawn bowling


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