Legal and professional issues 2


Assessment 2 is about reporting of abuse. This encompasses (at least) child abuse, domestic violence & elder abuse as outlined in the Mandatory Reporting lecture.

There is room for choice in this assessment. You can write (a little) about all of these issues, or (a lot) about just one issue (presumably because it interests you etc). That is what your introduction is about – to clearly state what you are going to discuss.

Write in general terms about the relevant legislation, guidelines etc. You can use illustrative examples from the literature or your own work experiences. Say you previously worked in Victoria you might want to explore some of the differences between some Australian states. Or you might like to explore how your current health care setting interprets legislation, guidelines & policies.

Or you might want to put it into an historical perspective. Certainly my experiences, & what legislation & guidelines existed, were quite different to now. You would need to source the historical supporting references.

Or you might want to compare & contrast the overseas & Australian situations. This could be your home country, or you might like to, for example, look at how Britain aims to handle this differently to Australia.

I’d like you to research something that interests you (at least a bit) in this area, & then passionately write about i

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