Learning/Teaching/Analysis Project

Learning/Teaching/Analysis Project
PURPOSE: The purpose of this senior project is to identify a clinically-focused teaching/learning need, create a tool to address the need, and implement the use of the tool with the targeted population.

POINT VALUE: 125 points


1. Collaborate with your preceptor and possibly other healthcare professionals to identify a clinically significant teaching/learning need and the target population. (NOTE: This may be a patient need, family need, or professional health care provider need).
2. Obtain instructor approval for your topic and target population (5 points) by assigned date.
3. Complete a literature review on the topic to support your development of a specific learning tool. References must not be older than 2009.
4. Submit reference list by assigned date (10 points)
5. Develop the teaching/learning tool.
6. Present the teaching/learning tool to the target population.
7. Assess and evaluate the presentation of the teaching learning tool and identify suggestions for future use.
8. Complete the academic paper component (80 points) of the project. (Complete this written component as you progress through the identification, development and delivery of the teaching/learning tool).
9. SUBMIT a copy of your learning tool (30 points).


1. Define the teaching/learning need
2. Describe how you
a. identified the teaching/learning need (review the collaboration process with your preceptor and/or other)
b. assessed the scope and breadth of the teaching/learning need
3. Explain the teaching/learning tool development and the rationale for its creation. Use scientific literature to support your development decisions.
4. Assess how well your project was received and its suitability for future use and/or revision. Integrate the nursing interventions of communication and teaching.
5. Reflect on this teaching/learning process from inception of idea to delivery of content. In doing so, interweave the concepts of collaboration, conceptualization and critical thinking (be sure to use these terms).
6. Write a conclusion (note your take away and suggestions for further use or revisions)

Epstein, C. (2007). A capstone teaching project for undergraduate nursing students: Development of a visual teaching-learning tool. Journal of Nursing Education, 46(5), 235-237.

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