Learning Speaking and Technology.

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This assignment is in a subject named: Technology and language learning. in The field of Applied linguistics.

The topic for this assignment is: Learning Speaking and Technology.


The idea of this assignment is that the professor of the subject posts weekly topic related to the subject into the university forum. Then, all students are required to respond to the topic and post their participations.

So, I do not expect an essay or a research paper. What I need is a clear, innovative, authentic and organised written response to the question posted by the professor so that I can use it to participate in the university forum. Which, certainly, must be plagiarised free.

How to respond to the task?

1-The task consists of two paragraphs. The first on is just to give the students a clear idea of the topic. The second paragraph is the main paragraph that I have to respond to.

2- I need two separated ideas or response. Each one concentrates in a specific side of the topic. So, that I can post these two response as two separated participations.

3- Please make your response direct to the point, and please do note use the style of writing an essay or a research paper.

4-You can refer to a reference or to an inventor of a specific idea to support your idea.

5-Most importantly, When writing your response, you must imagine that you are an English teacher. Therefore, you can support your ideas with any innovative personal experience with your students. However, If you do not have good short example, please ignore this part. (5).

6-please note that time and the quality of the participation is the main crucial criteria for the assessment. So please commit to the time and your idea must be innovative and, clearly, give solution to the problem posted by the professor.

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