Learning resource tool "Study Smart"

Learning resource tool “Study Smart”

a. In what ways do QUTIC students currently use the resource?
Research about the features of the learning resource to ask questions about the extent and manner in which it is used by students or the existing learning needs of the students that that could benefit from the resource.
b. How effectively does the use of the learning resource promote active learning?
Research about the features of active learning (constructivist) AND passive learning (instructional) to ask questions about which constructivist/instructional behaviours students should/do practise when using the resource
c. What difficulties, if any, do students encounter in accessing or using the learning resource?
Ask questions about: access, cost, availability, awareness of the learning resource.
4. Questions must generate information for practical recommendations how to promote OR discourage the use of the learning resource to enhance active learning by international students in a constructivist learning environment.

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