Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria;

In order to Pass this unit, the evidence that the learner presents for assessment needs to
demonstrate that they can meet all the Learning Outcomes for the unit.
The Assessment Criteria determine the standard required to Pass this unit. The Assessment
Criteria will act as a guide to help you put into context your answers to fulfill the Learning
Outcomes. a
Task-1(Brief) Task Elements: (Students are expected to)
(LO:1)Understand the sources of finance ‘ Discuss and explain the Sources Of
available to a business_ finance available to a particular
organisation you chose. (Generic
(LO:2)Understand the implications of finance as VteW)-
a resource within a business.
o Explore deeper those sources of
(This provides evidence of Learning Outcome: 01 finance relevant to ,V°”’ Chosen
and 02.- Assessment criteria 1.1.- and °°’“Pa“Y ‘“ the $°e“a”°-
2. 1 :2. 2:2. 3:2. 4
0 Assess the potential benefit of one
source & adverse consequences of
choosing a particular source of
finance to another (Pros and Cons).
Task-2 (Brief) Task Elements:
(Students are expected to have)

Candidates will be able to understand – Much of the discussion in this area
the importance cash-flow budgeting and Wt” he Centred Oh the figures
forecasting, and its importance to the generated from the calculations the
survival of a business. Student hes made

o Candidates will be able to apply cash ‘ The C°mmehteW made eheutd he
flow forecast methods to assist during Ceheteteht With the figures deitVed
financial planning, and in real world ti’om heth the eetee ehd Ceeh “OW
scenarios. teieeeet

This provides evidence of Learning Outcome: 03: ° Othei SUQQeSttohS made, ShoUtd
Assessment criteria 3.1) also centre on the scenario given,
not so much of a generic nature.


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