leadership project

leadership project

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The project should include a critical evaluation of a situation/development in relation to leadership based around a particular project or personal development.

The written component should reflect practice and highlight practice development.

Evidence to support advancement in practice could take the form of documents, meeting notes, evidence of decision making, evidence of collaboration, development of guidelines/protocols, copies of correspondence or appropriate reports (please note confidentiality must be protected, failure to do so will result in a fail grade).

Students must submit the following as part of the submission:
Part 1
Strategic Plan
• Evidence of strategic planning, this may be retrospective or prospective

Operational Plan
• including tactics

Part 2

Leadership report including
• A brief description of the practice setting (practice setting should be described but not identified. Confidentiality must be protected).

• Advancement in practice and/or personal development should underpin the discussion.

• A discussion of leadership styles in relation to the leader’s role.

Evaluation pro forma
• including evaluation of project outcomes, personal role, and learning

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