Leadership Profile

Follow the Leader (Leadership Profile)
Choose a leader from the public or non-profit sector – this must be an individual with whom you have a personal leader/follower relationship. Do not choose a “public figure” unless you have personally worked for that person. Example: do not ask to follow Michelle Obama unless you have personally worked for the former First Lady. Students who are not MPA majors may request to follow a private-sector leader.
“Follow” the leader and apply leadership concepts learned in the course to analyze the leader and his/her leadership. In your observations, consider the following:
What “type” of leader is this individual?
The leadership theories, styles, and approaches studied, and reflect on your leader from these perspectives.
The leadership traits, skills, and behaviors studied and discuss your leader from these perspectives.
Write a paper that details the individual’s leadership style, traits, personal and professional accomplishments, indicators of ethical leadership, and any other pertinent information you choose to include.

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