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Leadership Point of View paper

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LEADERSHIP POINT OF VIEW ASSIGNMENTIn his March-April 1999 Harvard Business Review article on “Managing Oneself,” Peter Drucker stated that since leaders depend on others to achieve their goals, it is their responsibility to make sure that followers understand the leader’s philosophy and style so that they will know how to work with the leader. To do this effectively, leaders must first know themselves: their strengths, weaknesses, values, preferred ways of learning, and styles of leading others. Then, leaders need to communicate these things to followers, who may be very different with respect to these characteristics, so that they know how to interact effectively with leaders.PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is to help you develop a leadership point of view that includes an analysis of your role as a leader; your strengths, weaknesses, values, and styles of leading others. Once you are clear about who you are as a leader, the next step is to develop your own personalized leadership philosophy that you can articulate and teach to others and an action plan for continual improvement.ContentThis assignment consists of a written paper describing your Leadership Point of View and Leadership Development Plan. The content consists of two parts as described below:1. Your Leadership Point of View. Examine Your Leadership Journey. Begin this assignment by reviewing those critical events in your life that have contributed to who you are as a leader. Leader role models can come from all areas of your life and might be people such as your parents, teachers, coaches, or commanding officers. Pivotal events with these people provide the bases of leadership stories that you can tell your followers to help understand you as a leader. Determine Your Pivotal Leadership Concerns. Review the readings for this course and think about your leadership journey. Note the areas that are critical to your present and future leadership success. Examples might be things such as participative decision making, vision sharing, empowerment, or walking your talk. Develop Your Leadership Point Of View. This is a statement of your leadership philosophy, style, and expectations. Write it to be shared with your followers so that they will understand you as a leader and know your expectations so that they will be able to effectively work with you on a daily basis. Start with who you are as a leader (your philosophies, values, personal mission, strengths and weaknesses, etc.), how you became this way (your leadership journey), and your expectations for effectively working together with your followers.2: Leadership Development Plan. Just as a leader of organizations needs to create a vision and strategic direction, so do you for your own leadership development. As indicated in Daft’s figure 13.1, you need to have a vision, mission, strategy, and plan for implementation. Vision. Envision what you want to be like as a leader. Discuss your ideals in terms of both long-term leadership accomplishments and daily interaction style.SWOT Analysis. What do you foresee as the opportunities and threats that you will probably encounter on your way to leadership success? • Opportunities and threats should be based on your environmental scanning of current events and predictions of future events.• Your assessment of your leadership strengths and weaknesses should be based on: o What you have learned from your past experiences o The self-assessments in this class and the o Leader’s Self-Insights in the text o The feedback you have received from your classmates Strategic Plan. Develop a plan to close the gap between where you are now as a leader and where you want to be, as you deal with environmental opportunities and threats, by applying your strengths and improving areas of weaknesses. Your plan should address both your long-term and shorter-term leadership effectiveness. StyleMake your paper “down to earth” as if you were meeting with your key direct reports and sharing with them your leadership point of view so that they will understand you and know your expectations. When reading your papers, the professors will assume the roles of followers in a command that you have just become the leader of. They will evaluate you on the clarity of your presentation for helping them understand your values, expectations, and preferred ways of relating so that they can be prepared to be courageous followers. However, this is a formal academic paper so you need to document your sources of ideas in any way that you want. Bench marks for this assignment are attached. Well done papers average ten double spaced pages.


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