Leadership & Organizational Change

Leadership & Organizational Change in Qatar Petroleum

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What are the main drivers of change within an organisation or industry with which you are familiar? Discuss and critically evaluate what the likely resistors are to any change initiatives you deem to be appropriate, what actions you would take to reduce these, and what leadership styles would be most and least appropriate in the situation described.

Company Name: Qatar Petroleum (www.qp.com.qa)
Brief: Due to the oil price collapse QP went through Major restructure 2015 and has change the leader and managers to cope with the change. They have change the Vision and Mission of the strategy.

Important Information:
– Should be 3000 words
– 30-40 References
– Harvard References
– Use Journals/Articles (important)
– Use more theories from Slides attach (for Leadership and organizational Change)

How theories should be supported:
1. Describe the situation and the methodology
2. Analyse the situation and the methodology
3. Cortically the situation and the methodology

Possible Structure:
1- Introduction and Background
a. Organisational background
b. Nature of the problem
2- Leadership theories
a. Leadership theories most relevant to the organisational problem
b. Justifying transformational rather than a transactional approach
3- Managing the change process
a. Drivers of change and likely resistance in the context of the organisational problem
b. Theoretical models to assist with the change process
4- Conclusion, and recommendations
5- References

Theories Can be used there are more attached in slides:
– Kotter
– Mckinsey
– Virtue
– Unitary
– Intrinsic
– Extrinsic
– Theory X and Y

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