Leadership in Catholic Schools

Order DescriptionRead the following Roman documents and other related scholarly material:
– The Catholic School (1977)
– The Catholic School on the threshold of the third millennium (1998)
– Educating together in Catholic schools: a shared mission between consecrated persons and the lay faithful (2007)
– Educating to intercultural dialogue: Living in harmony for a civilisation of love (2013)
– Educating today and tomorrow: A renewing passion (2014)

and use this material to argue the understanding of the purpose of Catholic schools. Based on the articulation of purpose, identify the challenges faced in achieving this purpose.
Overview: 1. Articulate the Purpose of Catholic Schools: (25 marks overall)
2. Use of historical and contemporary literature (ecclesiology and missiology) (15marks)
3. Interpretation and critical reflection (10marks)
4. Identify the Challenges to purpose (25 marks overall)
5.Critical analysis process (15 marks)
6. Clarity of challenges presented (10 marks)

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