Title:     Movie Analysis

Paper details:
Movie Suggestions for Analysis Paper:
Blood Diamond
City of God
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
The Social Network
The Sixth Sense

Assignment Description
Choose a popular movie and review the movie using critical lens focusing on major course theories and concepts. Write a four-page analysis of how the movie incorporated a range of themes on positive organizations and leadership. Explore character development and qualities of characters, social dynamics of communities and organizations in the movie, the use of metaphors, and developments in storyline.

This is a guided rubric for the paper:
Grading Rubric (10 points total)
Overview of major concepts and themes in film (2 points)
Major concepts and themes from the film are clearly described.
Exploration of storyline (3 points)
The storyline is critically analyzed and explored. Areas to be analyzed can include (but are not limited to) character development, plot, metaphors, and images/symbols.
Integration of relevant themes on positive organizations and leadership (4 points)
Core themes and research findings on positive organizations AND leadership are integrated into analysis of movie. Topics are relevant and applicable to the movie content
Overall quality of writing (1 point)
Ideas are well organized and follow a clear, logical order. Ideas are cleared stated and relevant to the topic. Writing is clear, readable, and free of grammatical errors.

The theories and contents used to write this paper should be used from the files I will upload and the following books:
-Cameron, K., Dutton, J., & Quinn, R. E. (Eds.). (2003). Positive organizational scholarship: Foundations of a new discipline. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.
-Rock, D. & Ringleb, A. (2013). Handbook of neuroleadership. NeuroLeadership Institute.
-McKee, A., Boyatzis, R. E., & Johnston, F. (2008). Becoming a resonant leader: Develop your emotional intelligence, renew your relationships, sustain your effectiveness. Harvard Business Press.


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