Law of Evidence


Assessment Task 3: Case Study Analysis Choose one of the three following client profiles. Your task is to your hypothetical client to arrange the best possible legal representation, given their social and financial circumstances. In assisting your client you will be drawing on your knowledge of the nature and variety of legal services available and your ability to evaluate those services in terms of cost, availability and quality of service. Your answer must be constructed as a report to a manager. The report should be approximately 1500 words (not including references), 1.5 spaced, with the following sub-headings • Client Name and address • Date of report • Outline of Services Available (350 words) • Evaluation of Services (800 words) • Recommendations (350 words)

Assignment Questions Write a fully referenced report in a maximum of 4,500 words, addressing the following tasks: Analyse the implications and challenges for the management of human resources in business organisations of the introduction of new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence (Al), mixed or augmented reality (AR), computer vision and drones. (30% of total marks).
Using an appropriate example from your own organisation, critically evaluate the effectiveness of HRM in the introduction of such a new technology. In your evaluation, make reference to relevant literature, research findings and benchmark practices. (45% of total marks). On the basis of your critical evaluation, make recommendations for future HRM practice in your organisation, demonstrating consideration of issues of feasibility and acceptability to key stakeholders. (25% of total marks).
Total marks for assignment: 100

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