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Dale is charged with GBH against his ex-girlfriend, Valerie whom he dated for 2 years, and he pleads not guilty.
Valerie says that on the night of 10 October 2014 at around 8pm, Dale knocked on her door and confronted her about the fact that she had started a relationship with

another man. She says that an argument ensued, and he grabbed her by the throat and threatened her with a knife, and then hit her in the stomach. At this time of night

the street where Valerie lives is usually very quiet. Walter, Valerie’s neighbour, was out walking his dog (Fido) at about 8.30 pm that night. He was just re-entering

the street and was about 100 metres away from his own (and Valerie’s) house when heard raised voices coming from the general direction of Valerie’s house. He stopped

to observe the events for a moment but he could not make out what was being said. Walter continued his walk to his house, and while untangling Fido who had got his

lead wrapped around a lamppost, Walter says that a very tall man (well over 6 foot) ran past him, presumably running from Valerie’s house. Walter described him as

being bald with a grey beard, and that one of his arms was covered in tattoos. This description matches Dale’s appearance. The police held a video-identification

procedure. Nine men took part in this, but only 3 of whom were over 6 foot, and five had no beard. Walter picked out Dale from the procedure.
The prosecution wishes to adduce the evidence of Mary, another of Dale’s ex-girlfriends. Mary had a relationship with Dale that ended five years ago. The prosecution

wishes Mary to testify to the fact that after she had ended the relationship and started seeing another man, she met Dale on the street one evening where he accosted

her – that he grabbed her arm roughly, pushed her against a wall, and screamed abuse in her face. After that incident Mary says that Dale then told some of her friends

that she had previously been a prostitute (which was untrue).
Dale claims that he was not near Valerie’s house on the night of the offence, but that he was at the gym. There is no record, however, of Dale signing in at the gym on

10 October 2014 as members are required to do.
Discuss the evidential issues arising on these facts.


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