language development

language development

1- Halliday wrote that learning L1 is” learning how to mean”(1975).
Explain what implications this could have for L1 (mother-tongue) primary education?

2- Vygotsky wrote: “through others, we become ourselves” (1931/1977 P. 105).
Outline your understanding of this assertion, and explore how it might be applied in a second language classroom.

3- Discuss Krashen’s view that: “we acquire language in only one way: when we understand massages in that language, when we receive comprehensible input.” (1984 P. 61).

4- What can the Canadian immersion studies tell us of instructed L2 learning?

5- Select one teaching context and briefly describe a class (1-2 sentences only: EFL/ESL, country, age, level of L2 proficiency). Then identify the advantages and disadvantages of using pair/group work with such students.

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