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Lab Assignment

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Lab Assignment Chapter 9 Quantitative Data Analysis

Research Question: What impact does NYC homelessness have on elementary aged children
academic performance?

Now is your opportunity to become a researcher and apply some of the skills that you’ve learned as you engage in secondary data analysis.

1. Explore the ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research) website.

Once you are familiar with a site, choose a data set that you are interested in using for analysis.

1. Click on Find and Analyze Data.

2. Under View all studies, click on View all studies for which online analysis is available.

3. Browse the list of data sets and then choose one of interest to you by clicking on it.

Familiarize yourself with the variables in this study.

1. Scroll down to the Variables section and click on List all variables in this study (QC is a member institution).

2. Form a hypothesis involving two of these variables.

Now you can move forward with analysis. First run frequency distributions for the variables you’ve chosen. Then run a cross tab to understand the relationship between
these two variables (please choose two variables that are suitable for a cross tab).

1. Request frequency distributions for each variable (note the top left button labeled “compare” on your screen).

2. Return to the previous screen and choose run simple crosstab/frequency under the Dataset(s) section. Generate a cross tab in percentage form to display their
relationship (be sure to set up the independent and dependent variables in columns and rows appropriately and to percentage in the correct direction).

3. Interpret the results. Write a short statement interpreting the results and submit it along with the cross tab.



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