Kurdish Declaration of Independence (Economic Focus)

Kurdish Declaration of Independence (Economic Focus)

Order Description

Two part order:
1) Amend previous order 81384095 for content based on feedback (in red). Add 5 references. Additional charge expected.

2) Formal research paper –
Thesis – The U.S. should support a Kurdish declaration on independence based on historical, political, strategic, and economic factors.

Assignment instructions:
Length: The paper should be 25-30 pages in length, which refers to text alone. Title page, abstract, and bibliography are extra.

Papers are assessed in three broad categories of descending relative value: content, writing, and format. Regarding the content in particular, I expect to see a thesis and an argument that supports that thesis, as opposed to narrative/description. Evidence and support should be based on your research.

Be sure to provide a brief but effective introduction that includes a clear thesis statement. The conclusion should restate your thesis and recap your major points—nothing more, nothing less. Be sure to avoid including any new information in the conclusion.

As for writing, I expect clear and concise prose that is free of colloquialisms, jargon, and careless grammatical errors. Writing should be logically organized, with well-constructed paragraphs (each paragraph should be not more than about a half-page), and smooth transitions from paragraph to paragraph.

Format includes font, margins, spacing, etc, as well as citations. I like a standard Times New Roman 12 black font, double-spaced and left-aligned. Please do not justify or center-align the text. Margins should be standard 1” all around. Citations and bibliography should follow APA format. Please be sure to sure to turn off editing boxes, highlighting, and shading.

Annotated Bibliography: Address concerns and questions noted in “red” from the previous order.
Add 5 resources to complete an research paper

1) The correct and complete citation.
2) A brief description of each of the resources.
3) Foreign Policy and like periodicals should be included.

**NOTE** A copy of the the previously ordered annotated bibliography will be supplied (uploaded).

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