Korean Air "Nut Incident" (op-ed)

Korean Air “Nut Incident” (op-ed)

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This is going to be an Op-ed essay. Professor really emphasizes on “Intellectually Challenging Problem”. Something Contradicting and Ambiguous Problem that will make readers struggle to think about the meanings behind.

I want to write my opinion about “Korean Air Nut incident” which happened in December 5th, 2014.

I talked about this with professor the other day. (First of all, this “Nut incident” is about the daughter of the owner of Korean airline, returend the flight to the gate to kick out head stewart because a stewardess served nuts in bag, not on a dish. She swore and beat and returend the flight to expel this head stewart and because of this, the flight delayed for 11 min)

I wanted to explain how this incident explains a deep bureaucracy in Korea which is people with power and money can control and exploit others. In this case, the daughter of owner got upset just because of the nuts in a bag and delayed the flight 11 min for punishing the head steward and kicking him out from the plane. But, professor told me that this is Not Good because I use my exhibit (the daughter of the Airline) to explain a bigger picture which is about the Korean society. Professor told me that this is a Wrong Direction.(Inside –> Outside, Exhibit –> Korean society) He told me that I should bring something from outside to focus on my exhibit and create an “intellectual challenging” arguement. (And he keep telling us to think about “interpretive problem”) I understand that I shouldn’t use my exhibit to explain bigger picture, and instead I should bring something and pour on my exhibit to focus on a “specifical matter” about my exhibit. (Ousied –> Inside, just not really understanding how to demonstrate this in writing)

So, (even though I am not sure if I am on the right track because no one tells me what’s the right thinking process) I want to talk about her disguising “her fault” by saying “she will resign from vice president of this airline.” (Actually, more precisely, her father who is the owner of the company stripped off her. By this action of being stripped off from the vice president position (and the daughter and her dad keep emphasizing this while they apologize about the incident) disguise and maybe result in reducing her legal punishment. I think the concept of “being fired” should be very different from these kinds of royal & rich family from normal people like us. Losing a job for us could be a huge damage financially and probably mentally (because we forever tried and trying to have a good job) while these people (maybe not her dad but the daughter) are just born with fame and money just being a daughter of a gigantic company. I think people shouldn’t be fooled by this stripped off action, but she should be punished by a strict Aviation Law (South Korean aviation law bars passengers from acts that could endanger a plane’s safety, such as shouting, using threatening language or otherwise causing a disturbance <– from NYtimes)
Also, we shouldn’t be fooled by her apology in front of reporters. After her verbal & physical abuse of head steward, she kicked out him. And when the head steward took another plane from JFK to Korea. When the daughter knew that he arrived in Korea, the company (follwing her order) sent a worker to his house everyday to make him fake confess if police or reporters ask about the incident that there was abuse. If she really felt sorry about the incident she should have apologized to this head steward right after or at least when he arrived in Korea. Now she is saying that she is going to apologize to this head steward in person after the entire citizens infuriated and started to say that “we should stop using Korean Airline”.

So I think she (or rich & powerful people behind) try to fool us twice using these two tricks. 1)strip off – she will also never strip off from all the positions that she has (pretty sure she has millions of important positions) 2)apology (she is apologizing beacuse now it became a national (maybe worldwide) issue.

Another small point is….
She is probabaly feeling a pressure from the entire country and this could be an irony for her. Because she has been always a figure to give people (that she probabaly think inferior) a lot of pressure, and now the whole country is giving her and the company pressure. She prorbably realized that she can control people from the company but not the whole country. So her apology in fron of cameras seems a surrender to a bigger power. What an irony.

This is my thinking process about this writing task. Again, I am not sure if this is right but hopefully this can help you guys write an “intellectually challenging Op-ed” Professor told me that this is like a small version of either a research paper or a conversation essay where I have to bring outside resources to focus on my “very specific part of my exihibit”. He also told me to not spinning around the “core” which also I am not perfectly sure. But please, do let me know if you guys have any questions. I will attach the guideline of this task and it should strictly follow the guideline.

The word count should be less than “750 words.”

Publication that I am going to submit eventually is going to be YTN (Korean portal site) and it’s not like serious as NYtimes or CNN, so it doesn’t have to be that formal. Actually I am also not perfectly sure about how to target my audience since I heard that a range of readers is extremely important when it comes to writing an op-ed.


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