Kmart's International Marketing Environment

(provide a brief background, market description (i.e., Australia and its discount chain store industry), and the contribution of this report to Kmart)
Kmart’s International Marketing Environment
1.    External enviroment
Analysis and presentation of environmental forces (example: how the k mart does international marketing. how, what, why do they enter to the international market). Use

PESTEL to analyse your report
•    Economic
•    Financial
•    Social
•    Cultural
•    Political
•    Legal
•    technological
2.    Internal enviroment
Use Porter 5 forces to analyse the competitive factors affecting Kmart’s operations in Australia. Note: relevant data/information/figure about Kmart and its

competitors in Australia; and Australia’s market size, purchasing power, disposable income, market demand, industry supply etc. would be useful for your report)
Conclusion & future directions
(based on your analysis and findings, you need to provide future directions and a conclusion)
(use Harvard referencing and citation styles for (at least) 05 reviewed journal articles, 02 textbooks and 03 Online/Web sources)

The task:

This is a challenging assignment! It provides you with the opportunity to undertake a significant piece of work to show what you have learnt in assessing international

marketing environment. It is strongly recommended that you commence work on this assignment from Week 1, and take part in tutorial discussion and/or BB Collaborate


Kmart Australia Limited was born in 1968 out of a joint venture between Coles in Australia and Kresge in the United States. Kresge has 51% of the common stock in the

company. Currently, Kmart has 170 discount chain stores in Australia and headquartered in Burwood East at Victoria, Australia.

Kmart’s US based headquarter is currently seeking an updated international marketing environment analysis report from its Australia based head office. Prepare a report

for Kmart, Australia based on an assessment of Australia’s business and industry environment including economic and financial, political and legal, social and

cultural, technological, and competitive forces.

This report should follow the style of a business report, and hence a particular emphasis should be given on communication and presentation styles of this report. This

report should contain the following sections (section details are available in the marking criteria form):
?    Completed marking criteria form (download this from the course Moodle site)
?    Executive summary;
?    Table of contents;
?    Introduction;
?    Kmart’s international marketing environment in Australia;
?    Conclusion & future directions
?    References
In this assignment, you will play the role of a manager and demonstrate your ability to take critical international marketing decisions based on an appropriate

research enquiry. If you have any query, please ask your campus lecturer and/or course coordinator. Please note: there will be several BB collaborate sessions (please

see the study schedule attached to this e-profile and course Moodle site) and you are requested to attend these sessions.


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