KFC United Kingdom

KFC United Kingdom


Produce an individual business report. Students will be given the opportunity to analyze the business environment and apply key theoretical marketing principles to events, projects and other commercial activities of KFC United Kingdom.

This holds 30%
a) Using appropriate analytical frameworks make a SWOT analyses of KFC UK highlighting issues of major importance to the organization.

This holds 70%
b) Based on your analyses, identify and justify TWO challenges, which may be positive or negative for the organization. Discuss the implications of these challenges for the organization and how they might be addressed by elements of the marketing mix. Note, you do not need to address all elements of the marketing mix.
Report Guidelines:
•? Please use Arial 11 font, single spaced, and ensures there are 2cm margins
(top, bottom and sides).

• •? Ensure the report is professionally presented, well written and free of errors
• •? Support your work with references and evidence throughout and follow the

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