Key messaging

Review the client case descriptions below. Choose one of the clients, and then propose “key messaging” for that client based on what you learned in this lesson week and the details of the case description.

In your post, be sure to explain what campaign objective the key messages will accomplish, what audience the message(s) target, and how your messaging is strategic. For full credit, reference the lesson week’s materials in your post, and as you engage with your classmates.

Be creative! And feel free to add any context or details you would like to each case in order to make it work for your example.

CASE 1: The Johns Hopkins Museums (

Did you know that JHU is home to three incredible museums? Many people, in fact, most people, do not know that these wonderful places are part of the JHU community and open to the public. The JHU museums are in crisis. Coronavirus impacted their already low visitor numbers. They need to plan now for a new campaign to attract visitors when the locations fully re-open next year. The museums would like a messaging approach that works for all of the museums, and emphasizes the connection between the museums and the award winning university. Past marketing research shows that people living within 100 miles are the most likely to visit the museums (but all of this research was conducted before the pandemic).

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