keep the good paraphrase as usual.

keep the good paraphrase as usual.

This assignment requires you to reflect on your clinical experiences to identify a question to be searched which is of interest to you. You will need to explain how and why you developed your question. You will be required to identify 5 relevant studies and state how you found these through a detailed description of your search strategy. Finally you will be asked to reflect on this activity.

Assessment details:
Develop a research question from ONE of these health themes:
– Mothers and babies
– Children and families
– Acute care settings
– Older people
– Mental health
– Rural and remote health

Use a database to identify 5 studies that address your question. The studies should not be systematic reviews or literature reviews.
You can use any database that you are familiar with but you may like to become familiar with PubMed as you will be able to continue to use this database once you graduate. See assignment 2 help for more information about using this data base.

Plan a search strategy to locate specific research articles related to your research question. A detailed description of your search strategy is needed
Discuss how your research strategy went. In this section you will be required to identify exactly how your search went, e.g. how many hits you got, how and why you refined your search and exactly how you identified relevant studies.

List the 5 research articles you found. Briefly state how together they are a good fit for your question

Reflect on this activity.
?Assignment Format

Background (1500 words)
– Identify which theme you have chosen.
– Explain why you are interested in this theme
– State your research question
– Describe the process of writing your question (what process did you use PICO, PIO, how did it work e.g. did you need to fine tune? When and why did you do this?)
– Discuss with reference to the literature why your research question is important to person centered care, nursing/midwifery practice, or evidence for practice.

Search strategy (500 words)
– Name the electronic database you used and briefly state why you used it.
– List the key words you used and how you used these (you may like to indicate how you used PICO and PIO to identify key words, how you limited your search terms, if you used truncation, abbreviations, wildcards and Boolean operators which ones you used and why )
– Explain in detail how you implemented your search strategy (it should be very clear in this explanation how you arrived at your 5 articles and how you chose these from the hundreds/thousands of hits that you may have had)

– List the 5 relevant research articles you found correctly annotating your list in Harvard style.
– Give a one or two sentence summary as to why these articles together are a good fit for your research question. You may refer back to PICO or PIO. (Note you do not need to summarize the article content)

Discussion (total of 800 words)
-Discuss how the process of writing a research question and identifying related evidence has broadened your understanding of evidence for nursing and midwifery practice.

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