Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice

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You are to research the juvenile justice topic you have been assigned.THE TOPIC IS”ROUTIINE ACTIVITIES THEORY” You are to write an assessment of your research results. Each topic defined, evaluated and discussed. Your assessment must be at least 2 pages long but no more than 3. In addition to these 2-3 pages you must include a cover sheet and a resource page. On the cover sheet you will place your name, the date and the course title. The resource page must list all sources used in your research. You must include the title of your resource, the pages used and the author of your sources. You must use at least 4 sources for your research. Example: books, newspaper articles, government publications, etc. Your textbook may not be used as a resource. The paper must be written in your own words. You may use quotes, where appropriate, as long you properly cite the source. The paper must be typed and double-spaced

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