Justification Report.

Justification Report.

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Assignment 2.3: Justification Report – Part 3 (Final)

In Assignments 2.1 (Part 1) and 2.2 (Part 2) of the Justification Report, you built up the major parts of your formal, researched justification report (Problem Statement, Overview of Alternatives, Criteria, Methods, Evaluation of Alternatives, Findings and Analysis, and References). You will begin Part 3 by inserting your revisions of Parts 1 and 2 based on your instructor’s suggestions. Then, you will include a few new additions:

Use the basic outline below to draft your paper. Organize your responses to each question under the following section headings:

•Introduction (for Question 1)
?Problem Statement (for Question 1a)
?Terminology (for Question 1b)
?Major Sections of the Report (for Question 1c)
?Scope and Limitations of the Research (for Question 1d)
•Preliminary Parts (for Question 2)
•Recommendation (for Question 3)
•References (for Question 4)
Using the provided template, write Part 3 to complete a single-spaced report in which you:

1.Create an introduction that tells what your report is about.
a.Include the Problem Statement that you already created and revised in Part 1.
b.Include terms that readers will need to know in order to understand the report.
c.Briefly summarize the major sections and findings of the report that you’ve developed in Parts 1 and 2.
d.Discuss what your report will cover and what it will not.
2.Create the preliminary parts of the report that precede the Introduction (after reading Chapter 12 in your Professional Communications textbook), which includes:
a.Title Page
c.Table of Contents
d.Executive Summary
Note: Use small Roman numerals to number the pages of the preliminary parts of the report.
3.Create the Recommendation section of the Report.
a.Provide a one to two (1-2) sentence recommendation based on what your Evaluation of Alternatives and Findings and Analysis sections have determined is the most feasible alternative (i.e. solution) to the problem in the Problem Statement.
4.Create the References sections, which goes at the end of the Report, by pasting in your revised References page.

Problem Statement

This is a 1-2 paragraph discussion setting up the problem at work that you intend to solve.  It should focus on why the problem needs to be addressed.  YOU SHOULD NOT DISCUSS SOLUTIONS IN THIS SECTION!

Overview of Alternatives

You should begin this section with a transitional phrase like, “The following proposed alternatives will solve the stated problem:” and then list those alternatives below.  YOU WILL NOT MAKE A JUDGMENT ON WHICH ALTERNATIVE IS BEST IN THIS SECTION!

Alternative A – Brief description of alternative here.

Alternative B – Brief description of alternative here.


This section should begin with a brief transitional phrase like, “The alternatives will be judged based on the following criteria:” here.

•    Criterion 1:  Description.
•    Criterion 2:  Description.
•    Criterion 3:  Description.
•    Criterion 4:  Description.
•    Criterion 5:  Description.


In this section you will compose a 1-2 paragraph description of where you will look to find support for this report and what you hope to find.  This often includes a summary of information and a discussion of the quality of each proposed source.  It could discuss the feasibility of obtaining certain sources for this report as well.

Evaluation of Alternatives

In this section you will explore the alternatives and how they will be implemented.  You may want to research other companies (if possible) that have used similar methods to solve these problems and present those findings here.  You would also present statistical evidence (if found) that will be relevant to your alternatives.  YOU WILL NOT MAKE A JUDGMENT ON WHICH ALTERNATIVE IS BEST IN THIS SECTION!

In this section you will also apply the criteria from Assignment 2.1 to the alternatives proposed in Assignment 2.1.  This is typically done in the following form (taken from the assignment details):

?    Productivity
?    Alternative A: Telework from home 3 days per week
?    {narrate findings based on research article 1 here}
?    Alternative B: Offer two extra Floating Holidays to each employee per year
?    {narrate findings based on research article 2 here}
?    Cost
?    Alternative A: Telework from home 3 days per week
?    {narrate findings based on research article 1 here}
?    Alternative B: Offer two extra Floating Holidays to each employee per year
?    {narrate findings based on research article 2 here}

Findings and Analysis

Include a brief summary (maximum 1 paragraph; usually 2-3 lines) before the required chart.  This should cover the key points from the Evaluation of Alternatives section above.

You should then include a line like, “The following chart depicts the results of our research above:” here.

Figure 1: Alternatives Analyzed by Criteria

Criteria    Telework Option    Floating Holiday Option
Productivity    Very high    Negligible increase
Cost    Very high    Moderate
Company Image    Increased    Negligible increase
Worker Morale    Increased    Negligible increase
Practicality    Moderate    Low
TOTAL Feasibility* of Alternatives based on Criteria?    Moderate to High    Low to Moderate

*Feasability = Capability of an alternative being carried out with success

This should be a separate page formatted in APA format to cover the required resources in your assignment.  The entries must match APA style and be formatted using a hanging indent, double spacing, and be alphabetized.

Each item on this list MUST have a corresponding APA in-text citation somewhere in the report.  Also, anything that has an in-text citation should appear here.

For assistance with APA formatting (References page and in-text citations) follow this link:  https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

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