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Present and defend your own definition of justice. In doing so, compare your position with the views on justice that Plato presents, as well as Aristotle’s philosophy. You might consider taking a concrete situation (i.e., a moral problem or political situation) as the basis for your discussion and then show how this situation gives rise to the definition that you are defending.

• Analysis: (i) Take a stand! State and underline your thesis in the introduction of your paper and ensure that everything in the body of the paper works to prove this thesis. This is a fairly short paper and so everything that is said must be integral for what you are trying to prove. Be sure to proofread your essays carefully.
(ii) Be sure to define the key terms that you are using.
(iii) Do not simply state positions, but argue for why you think they are right. In other words, give reasons for why you hold these positions.
(iv) Finally, be sure to consider opposing points of view to your own. That is, consider how someone might disagree with your position, and then show why they would be wrong to do so.

Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics, translation, introduction and commentary by sarah broadie and christopher rowe

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