Jury Verdict Assignment

Topic: Jury Verdict Assignment

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“Jury Verdict Assignment” Online you can find four different kinds of jury cases: Speluncean Explorers (fictional), Haditha (developed by a former student, who put an
enormous amount of research and design thinking into this project), Liebeck v.
McDonald’s (developed by myself, based on the input given by about two dozen students who researched the case on the Web), and New Jersey v. Dharun Ravi (a New Yorker
essay). Each of these cases comes with jury verdict questions. Note that the specific sentences or damages listed are motivated by the details of the case.

Your task is to come up with a text and a set of survey questions. The text can be taken from some place else (e.g., magazine article) in full or in parts, or you
write it up yourself. Either way, you need to cite your sources. The survey questions you need to make up yourself.

Be imaginative … be relevant … how about a fraternity that has some kind of internal governance process by which its members are deciding what punishment they
should issue to one of their own … how about some kind of campus semi-judicial process by which a campus sexual assault case is being decided … how about a
hospital ethics committee that needs to decide what to do with a doctor who has gone bad … how about some kind of pseudo-judicial process in a massively multiplayer
online role-playing game (shall we burn the witch or let her go?) …

Your case should be “urgently fascinating and polarizing”, as in, students feel the urgent need to read your text, and once they’ve read it, they have a strong opinion
about it, with different students holding wildly different opinions. Some important or controversial concept should be illustrated by it (e.g., New Jersey v. Dharun
Ravi centers around the concept of a hate crime).

You will be graded on “the imaginativeness and relevance of your case selection”, the degree to which your case is fascinating, the degree to which it is polarizing,
the degree to which it illustrate some important or controversial concept, the quality of the text (even if it’s written by someone else!), and the quality of your
jury verdict questions. Because this is a supremely creative assignment, these grading criteria will not be applied mechanically. Instead, your grade will be decided
PLEASE provide me a draft regarding the case you select! Thank you! and It would be great if you can find case regarding “Korean or Korean American issues-case”!

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