Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Part 1:
Compare and contrast Judaism, Christianity, and Islam according to the following
• The Nature of God: what God is like, how God relates to creation, how God
relates to morality, and how God relates to human beings.
• How God has revealed himself to human beings, and the main components of
that revelation (i.e., what is it that God holds we must believe)
• What is human salvation? What do we need to be saved from? How is it we
are saved? What happens to those who are not saved?
Note: within some of the religions named above there are different understandings of
what the religion teaches about the details in the three points listed.
Note also: do not just list the points, but show their connections (e.g., teachings about
what God is like and how God is revealed will be related to teachings about how a
human being is to be saved).
Part 2:
Choose one of these religions: Are there any criteria from reason, science,
experience, or history that might count as evidence for or against the truth of the
religion. If there are no such criteria, explain why not.

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