Journal;Social Work and Human Services;

Journal;Social Work and Human Services;

Paper details:

write 2 pages double spaced about my experiences of the beginning of my internship at ( parenting time center) .. Outline:
– Describe there activity: in this point i would like to explain the agency ‘ goals ,for example , on the first week i was trying to read more about the agency’ goals

, services , population they serve.. Also i was talking to the executive director ” Kathryn” about agency’ services , and progress .. Kathryn was very open to my

questions , helpful.She explains a lot , helping me to understand about the agency.. In addition she gave me time to read through some agency , research , intake forms

, agency roles, funding, and purpose. After read all these things i became more confident and aware about agency .. In addition more comfortable with clients , parents

-Significant event: on the second day of training i start to see clients visit .. During these tow weeks i was trying to observe , and follow social works while they

do intake with parents ., or supervision for parent’ visitation .. Focus on what I should say . What should not been said with clients .. How we should keep every

thing confidential , and secure at the same time while working with clients.. In addition focus on every social worker skills , like, how to be precessional? Good

listener , good observant, and reliable..

-felling: at the beginning every things was new , & strange to me .. But after two weeks of practice i feel more comfortable, and stable .. Also the security services

( cameras inside / outside ) makes me feel safe / taken care by the agency
-development: i can see myself developed from first week .. & more comfortable talking with clients
Integration of theory and practice : in the agency social worker mostly use solution focus , & strategic theory , also i can see some on behavioral change because

during intakes i can see we focus on solution focus by asking clients. What they want to accomplish? How you rate your relationship with your child ? Before the parent

visit his child and after we do this evaluation .. Also i thing agency uses also behavior change by the supervised visits . The Parent sometimes would change some

negative behaviors with his / her child if some one supervise / observe the behaviors which ( positive reinforcement ) to change .

Note: in this i do not need sources .. But need to be more revised . I need subtitles


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