Journal Writing and Experiment Designing

Journal Writing and Experiment Designing

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This assignment consists of two parts:

1. Journal Writing (min 100 Words). Watch the below video and read the article(throughly) first and then answer.

While reports of ‘extreme’ stress has been declining, reports of individual stress are increasing. How does stress impact your life? Does your lifestyle put you at risk for heart disease and other stress related health problems?

Your response will be graded on your ability to integrate course material into your personal response.(For this purpose, I’ve attached a PDF copy of my textbook as well, use chapters 2, 3, 4, and 13. while writing the response)

2. The Experiment

The experimental method (see pages 28-34 of the textbook(download link given below) for information about experiments) allows for the study of cause and effect relationships. An experimental design requires controlled elements in order to make these causal statements. For this assignment you will be asked to use several key concepts of an experiment.

Researchers are interested in learning whether listening to music while studying improves memory. Design an experiment to test whether music can improve memory of nonsense syllables of 40 college students.

1. What is the independent variable?

2. What is the dependent variable?

3. How will you select your sample from the population?

4. How will you select who is assigned to the control or experimental groups?

5. Describe the procedure for the experimental group.

6. How will you limit the effects of experimenter bias and demand characteristics?

Textbook download link:

All of the above instructions must be strictly followed while writing. Note that citations are NOT required for either.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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