Journal Post 2 – Stress and Control in your Behaviour Change

Journal Post 2 – Stress and Control in your Behaviour Change

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Activity 5.2
Using your SMART goal, demonstrate how you can increase your internal locus of
control across each of the five domains (Behavioural, Cognitive, Decisional,
Informational, Retrospective).
Wallston, K. A., Wallston, B. S. & DeVellis, R. (1978). Development of the
multidimensional health locus of control (MHLC) scales. Health Education
Monographs, 6, 160–170. Retrieved June 17, 2010 from
Journal Post 2 – Stress and Control in your Behaviour Change
Due date: Friday 10th April by 11:55pm
Submitted to: “Journal Post 2 Submission” link on Moodle
Format: Word or PDF format ONLY (other formats will not be marked)
Word count: 750 word + 20% (900 words max)
Part A Questions
In Part A we want you to reflect on your progress towards your SMART goal since completing
post 1 as either a video or audio file. The audio/video file is to be a maximum of two minutes
in length. In your video or audio please discuss your weekly achievements, reflect on thoughts
and feelings underlying these achievements and link back to key health behaviour change
concepts / models / theories. See marking rubric for more detail on Part A.
Part B Questions: Stress, locus of control and behaviour change
1. What causes you stress? Please list.
2. Evaluate the relationship between your health behaviour and your stressors. For
example if you are feeling stressed how does that impact on your ability to adhere
to your SMART goals.
3. Using the coping strategies discussed during the tutorial, list and evaluate the
coping strategies you currently use to reduce your stress. Coping strategies need
to be correctly identified, with correct terminology used. Please provide evidence
of how you use a particular strategy.
4. Give your scores for Internal, Chance, and Powerful Others from the Locus of
Control Scale we completed in class. Discuss your scores in relation to how much
control do you feel you have over your SMART goal. Give evidence.
5. As discussed in the locus of control tutorial there are five domains of control
beliefs (Behavioural, Cognitive, Decisional, Informational, Retrospective).
Discuss how you could enhance your sense of control over your SMART goal for
each of the five domains.

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