Journal based on decriminalization

Journal 1: n today’s world, people face discrimination in many ways. Consider the following videos and respond.
How have you faced discrimination in your own life? Discrimination can come in many forms, often involving
race, sexuality, religion and even appearance. Use APA, double spaced and write about 1- 2 pages on this
subject: (256 words)
Journal 2: In this week’s journal, we will discuss our fears. What are you afraid of and why? Are your fears
unrealistic or realistic? Also, do you believe in ghosts, spirits, etc? If you don’t want to write about yourself, talk
about the fear within the media, or in society in general. How does it play a part in our culture? About 260 words
Journal 3: Use this journal to vent about what is bothering you in the world right now. Most people use this
joumal to talk about what gets on their nerves the most. Take a look and consider the following videos, write 200
words. write choice, it can be anything.
Journal 4: Write a 255 words response to Dr. William’s
article. In your discussion note areas of agreement, disagreement, or questions you have about his opinion;.

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